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Hollywood's Tony Curtis in his first-ever television series... Roger Moore, in his first series since "The Saint"... i
nternationally famous guest stars... glittering settings on the Cote d'Azur and in other famous pleasure spots... glamorous girls by the hundred... and tingling adventure combined with exhilirating comedy.

"The Persuaders!" has everything as it unveils the hectic exploits of two handsome young playboys who are tricked into becoming partners... a debonair British peer and a self-made American

millionaire from the Bronx. They're reluctant heroes, swept into a crazily dangerous life together. "The Persuaders!" is a series with all the sparkle of vintage champagne.

















The lovely Sue Lloyd - always so supportive of TMA.


Network's Blu-ray set... buy it now!


Stunt man Gerry Crampton, uncredited in Chain of Events



Network's Retro-Action! volume 1 blu-ray featuring
The Persuaders!

John Barry, pictured on the back of The Persuaders! LP, CBS 1972.

Roy Ward Baker with Tony Curtis during the filming of The Gold Napoleon.


Tony Curtis will always be Danny Wilde


Tony: "Are you up for some more adventures?"
Roger: "Sorry but Chubby has offered me a small part in his next film".

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Latest News: (updated 21st October 2011)

exclaim Sue Lloyd (1939 - 2011).

Sue Lloyd, the actress who starred as Cordelia in The Baron and also appreared as Maggie of The Persuaders! episode Take Seven sadly passed away on Thursday 20th October.

Sue was a talented actress with a wicked sense of humour and was very self-deprecrating. She was also a big supporter of TMA and was interviewed for the magazine in August 2000 and was also one of the guests at the The Persuaders! 30th Anniversary party in September 2001. She contributed a number of DVD commentaries for the Umbrella release of The Baron and was always up for a laugh.

Amongst Sue's film highlights are The Ipcress File, Corruption, Innocent Bystanders, The Stud and The Bitch. Her many ITC series appearances include The Sentimental Agent, The Saint, Gideon's Way, Department S, Randall And Hopkirk (Deceased) and Jason King as well as ABC's The Avengers.

Sue was a very kind, gentle and fun-loving lady and will be sadly missed.

Tony Curtis RIP

exclaim The Persuaders! gets the Blu-Ray treatment from Network.

Network recently released The Persuaders! on blu-ray and the series has never looked so good. Check out details and a review of this must-have set on the link below.

Network celebebrated their release with a launch party in London that featured Sir Roger Moore being interviewed by Barry Norman and what a fun evening it was. Roger personally signed and dedicated every one of the 200 blu-ray sets that were purchased by ticket holders on the evening. Brett Sinclair's Aston Martin, BS1, was on display and was enjoyed by the press and fans alike. Network also produced a commemorative brochure for the event and there are a few copies available to the general public - check out the Network website for more details.

Read more here

Tony Curtis RIP

exclaim Stuntmen in The Persuders! get their own online ebook.

Jon Auty has spent a lot of time putting together an ebook in tribute to the stunt men who worked on The Persuaders!. He's used TMA's episode guide as a starting point an built nicely upon this to credit a lot of the un-named players in the episodes - the majority of which are stunt men. Check out the link below for the ebook.

Read more here

Tony Curtis RIP

exclaim Lost interview with Roger Moore filmed during the production of The Persuaders! and Tony Curtis receiving an award for the series rediscovered after 40 years.

Filmed over forty years ago and thought lost forever, TMA is proud to announce that after 17 years of searching we have found an interview filmed with Roger Moore in the South of France during the production of the episode Powerswitch. An additional search of the archive has uncovered footage of Tony Curtis receiving his Tele 7 Jours Award medal for the series and his meeting with the French actor who dubbed in voice. Some truly precious info for those wondering who can write my essays for me in the cinema history.

Read more here

Tony Curtis RIP

exclaim NETWORK annouce ITC Series blu-ray release!

Network DVD have announced the release of three ITC series blu-ray compilations "Retro-Action" due out on 28th February 2011, priced at £19.99 each.

TMA has been saying for a long time that these series would benefit from the HD treatment and Network got the ball rolling some time ago with their release of The Prisoner.

Retro-Action! volume one features The Champions, Department S, The Persuaders!, Randall And Hopkirk (Deceased) and Strange Report.

Retro-Action! volume two features Danger Man, Gideon's Way, Man In A Suitcase, The Prisoner and The Saint.

Retro-Action! volume three features The Adventures of Robin Hood, The Baron, The Invisible Man, Return of The Saint, Shirley's World and The Zoo Gang.



Tony Curtis RIP

exclaim John Barry (1933 - 2011).

John Barry, the composer of The Persuaders! theme sadly passed away on Sunday 30th January.

John Barry was a legend in terms of film and TV music winning five Oscar's, four Grammy's and two BAFTA's. In a career that spanned over 40 years his name has always been linked to the James Bond films - working on 12 of them including From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, You Only Live Twice and my own personal favourite On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Amongst John's film soundtrack highlights are Zulu, The Ipcress File, Born Free, The Quiller Memorandum, The Lion In Winter, Midnight Cowboy, Walkabout, The Tamarind Seed, Out Of Africa, Dances With Wolves and Enigma. He also contributed the superb theme to the ITC series including The Adventurer.

Tony Curtis RIP

exclaim Roy Ward Baker (1916 - 2010).

Roy Ward Baker, the director of four episodes of The Persuaders! sadly passed away on Thursday 7th October.

Roy was an incredible director, having a long and varied career working in both film and television, he was also a big supporter of TMA and was interviewed for the magazine in July 1995 and was also one of the guests at the The Persuaders! 30th Anniversary party in September 2001.

Amongst Roy's film highlights are A Night To Remember, Quatermass And The Pit and And Now The Screaming Starts. He also directed many ITC series including The Saint, The Baron, Gideon's Way and Randall And Hopkirk (Deceased) as well as ABC's The Avengers.

Roy was a very kind, gentle and funny man and will be sadly missed.

Tony Curtis RIP

exclaim Tony Curtis (1925 - 2010).

Tony Curtis, aka Danny Wilde in The Persuaders! sadly passed away on Thursday 29th September.

Tony was a superb actor, perhaps the best actor never to receive an Oscar and will deeply be missed. TMA not only admired is portrayal of Danny Wilde but very much enjoyed his films Spartacus, The Sweet Smell of Success, The Defiant Ones, Some Like It Hot, The Boston Strangler, The Great Race, Monte Carlo or Bust (a very Danny Wilde type character) and numerous others, too many to mention.

Farewell Tony we will miss you.

Tony Curtis RIP

Five unmade storylines for The Persuaders! discovered.

Twelve years ago I made contact with the widow of Tony Williamson (script-writer on many ITC series) who informed me that somewhere in her loft she had some scripts from The Persuaders! including five unmade storylines. A few years ago I got back in contact with her and after a weekend of rummaging she located the storylines and sent me photocopies. Last week she very kindly gave the originals to me and I can now reveal that four of the five were intended to be episodes for a second series (which we all know was never made). In my last ever conversation with Bob Baker, he confirmed that he and Tony had worked on some script ideas for a proposed second series. The typed storylines themselves are detailed in how the episode opens, what happens in each act and how the story finishes and are three or four pages in length. The titles of the the storylines are: A Long Weekend (the only storyline titled as The Friendly Persuaders - a rejected story for the first series), A Shooting War, A Girl Could Get Killed..., Rendezvous and Invitation To A Funeral.

You can use any of these storylines for your arguments instead of racking your brains on how to write my essay and what ideas to present.

Robert 'Bob' S Baker Tribute.

I was very pleased to have been able to assist Sir Roger Moore and his PA Gareth Owen with their tribute to the late Bob Baker, held at Pinewood on 18th April. Bob was TMA's honourary president and will be sadly missed.

The volcanic ash cloud caused a few problems with Roger and Johnny Goodman being stuck in Europe but via Skype Roger was able to give us a fitting tribute to his business partner.


It was lovely to see so many faces from in front of and behind the camera pay their respects to Bob.

See ITC NEWS for more details.

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